Good Dubbing - An Invisible Bridge

A new version that respects the original. That empathizes with the characters. That reflects the context. In a language that does not translate, but communicates. That does not merely parrot, but portrays. That differs from the original only to maintain its integrity.

Dubbing makes it possible for audiences around the world to share the same experience. Directly. In their own language. For the same reason that the very français "La Cage Aux Folles" becomes Robin Williams and Nathan Lane's American "Birdcage".

It requires a love of language, passion for the film, a grasp of the genre, experience, craftsmanship, flexibility, persistence, ability. Good dubbing writers are reliable partners for clients and dubbing companies as well as for the creative team in the studio. Together we let the original speak to a new audience.

Adaptation crosses the borders between languages and cultures to form

an invisible bridge.


Member of Synchronverband e.V. Die Gilde